Change Is Coming

Have you noticed a real shift in the techniques you are choosing for your clients and the way that you are using them on your clients?
Could it be down to the fact that our clients have larger than normal roots, the fact that our clients have been in lockdown 3 or more times or just the fact that change does happen and we all need to keep changing and evolving in all that we do. We have been finding that we have been doing a lot less ‘Balayage’ or freehand painting lately, with the clients that walk through our doors the need for a surface painting technique is less and the realisation that this technique just won’t cut the crap, but why?
So freehand typically won’t give you the lift you need on certain hair types, so darker bases, hair with more cuticle layers, hair with existing colour and hair with origins screaming out warmth, especially for those clients requesting that ‘creamy blonde’ look. For all of this, we need to be using incubation and we need to be highlighting. Incubation is a great way to approach corrective colour work, so the kind of work that involves dealing with banding and colour build. Balayage is a ‘look’ it’s up to us to decide how to get to that look, the most important thing we tackle first is getting the lift in the correct places, so understanding the placement of our colour work and the head shape and how our colour work will sit on the head shape and perform in our daily lives while also keeping the integrity of the hair.
So, this is where the change is coming, we love highlights and you probably know it, so this is where we start to adapt our education around the courses our clients are leading us to.
We have decided to adapt all our training sessions around what we are doing for our clients and to share that with you.
Highlights are coming bigger and better than ever, so get ready for it!

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