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Sarah Spiers at the front desk of Studio B in Southsea

Are you second guessing your formulas, unsure when to use which colour are you scared of bleach? Choose this course if you want to build on your foundations and fill in the gaps when understanding more about hair structure, types and colours you use in your salon. Then move on to Become A Colour Master for a master level into the science of hair and colour

What Is It?

  • Foundations in analysing the different hair types, texture and make up, that will change the way you think about every individual that sits in your chair.
  • How the different the hair can be because of genetics
  • Foundations in product chemistry & how it effects the hair structurer
  • How to read the hair to diagnose the colour journey correctly
  • Includes loads of visuals and analogies to help with your learning
  • Online course that is fun, relatable and memorable


Who it’s for: YOU

  • If you want to create solid foundations in client consultations
  • Build more on your foundations of how hair structure will be affected by the products you use
  • Enough chemistry know-how to shape your formulating colour into a new habit
  • Hair structure know how will help with your hair analysis and build confidence in colour choice

Price: £149


1 x 2 hour pre- recorded video with Sarah. Including memorable visuals and a concise explanation into the how these products work.

Science Foundation


1 video
Video: Science Foundation Course
2 hours

Supporting Documents

The Chemistry of Products

Please use these supporting downloads

3 readings
Reading: Consultation Form
10 minutes
Reading: Colour wheel & contributing pigments
10 minutes
Reading: Tips on formulating colour
10 minutes


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