Sarah Spiers
virgin application v’s root application, creating that global look
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These lessons are here to improve your learning. I suggest that you make a folder on your desktop (try not to use your phone when taking this course and please save any download, once you have performed the task suggested or read the information.)These downloadables can then be saved to refer to at any time. You can always repeat a task as with anything in science the conclusion is formed after a few attempts.



1 video
Video: Speedy Easy Access Welcome
10 minutes

Course 2

Different Hair Fibre

4 videos
3 readings
Reading: Hair Fibre Resources
10 minutes
Video: Chemistry of Hair
1 minute
Video: Hair Fibre Presentation
35 minutes
Reading: Depth & Tone
10 minutes
Reading: Hair Fibre Activity
10 minutes
Video: Stretch Testing
20 minutes
Video: Porosity Testing
20 minutes

Course 3

What is PH?

Why do you need to know this and once you do, you’re colour choice will change and for the better. This mind-blowing stuff isn’t shared anywhere else

3 videos
2 readings
Reading: PH Scale
10 minutes
Video: Chemistry of PH Scale
1 minute
Video: PH Scale Lesson 2
20 minutes
Reading: Litmus Paper Testing Activity
10 minutes
Video: Litmus Paper Testing Video & Activity
15 minutes
Graded: PH Scale Quiz
5 questions


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