Do the Eyes Have It?

How many of us in our daily colouring, check the skin tone for suitability? 


Do we think about the eyes? 

Recently we have been researching eye colour (probably because Lianne has just had baby number 2 and we have just watched his eyes change from the deepest blue to brown). 

In our recent studies we discovered most eyes are multi-tonal. Even the coolest blue could have a grey outer circumference or a yellow internal rim around the pupil. 

So, what does this mean when choosing a hair colour for suitability and does this really have any effect on the finished result? We think it may do. 

Through our brief investigation we have found that those who have warmer eyes or a warm flecks in their eyes (even on blue eyes) seem to have a warmer undercoat in their hair. This sometimes does not show in the skin and so we believe to get a solid idea about suitability we should include eye colour into our investigation when consulting the client.  

Give it a go, see what you think and please tell us your discoveries. 

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