Become a Colour Master July

July 7th & 8th 2024 10am-5pm
The go to masterclass for smashing hair colour know how!

Do you find yourself questioning your colour choice. or wondering why the colour result didn’t come out as expected? 

Are you a freelancer missing that go to person for some formulation help? 

Do you feel colour brands have moved on and left you behind? 

This two-day course truly helps you to understand colouring hair. Turning you from “just” a colourist into a colour master.
This course dives deep into the science of hair, the chemistry of products and how colour is seen. Giving you the tools to:

  • Analyse the hair structure, to really read what the hair is telling you.
  • Understand the chemistry of products, to know how they will affect the hair.
  • Break down the colour wheel, to choose the right colour for you to formulate perfectly.
  • To find solutions with any colouring query.
Day One 

Alongside a presentation this day is full of:

  • Interactive activities, to help the information to stick.
  • Fun hands-on experiments, to assist in really seeing the science.
  • Diving deep into hair structure, to know how hair reacts to the chemicals used.
  • Analysing chemistry of products, to understand “why” results occur.
  • Creating a greater understanding in how to read every hair structure to find solutions.
Evening Event: Guest appearance.

Staying for the two-day course, you will be treated to a lesson in mindset and yoga on the evening of day one. Which will give you head space & help the day’s activities and experiments to be absorbed more.

Day Two

Alongside a presentation this day is full of:

  • Interactive art studies using paint, discovering the law of colour.
  • Activities that lead to a fail-safe consultation, find the best solutions for every result.
  • Interactive colour swatching using direct & indirect dye, to truly see colouring reactions & results.
  • A deep dive into the colour wheel & colour globe, which give formulation knowhow.
  • How hair colour is made, truly understand your brand/s.
  • How important light is in creating colour.
AFTERNOON: Guest appearance

Photography lesson, sharing how different light sources can affect hair colour in photos & videos. Hints & tips on the best results for your media.

YOU CHOOSE: Attend one or both days

7th July: £297

8th July: £297

Both days: £544

Workbooks, kit bags and refreshments provided for each day.

Event details


07 Jul 2024 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Studio B Collective

Organizer Name:

Sarah Spiers


26-28 Osborne Rd, Southsea, PO5 3LT