Gone are the days of cap highlights or so you may think.

We were quite perturbed to find that cap highlights are still on the NVQ 2 syllabus. That’s right you read that correctly, although perming has been taken off. We found it quite interesting to find what is deemed to be of importance to a person learning hairdressing.

Not precise placement, closeness to the root, a superb section pattern or tension but a good old crotchet hook dug into a rubber cap that is one size fits all.

If you’re reading our blogs and following us on social media then you must know us by now, WE LOVE A FOIL!

Highlights are a salon’s biggest seller.

In recent times we have seen a down-turn on highlights but we are here to say when this technique is mastered the world is your oyster.

Yes, it’s true Balayage is here to stay, although there is room for all.

At Chaulk, we have to say there is nothing finer than a full set of baby lights. Close to the root, clean natural hairline, weave that matches the hair density and placement that is sensitive to the haircut and head shape. All this leads to a result that is low maintenance.

Balayage has taken the spotlight for now but we are seeing a return to the good old foil and to be honest with what we are finding when out visiting and coaching your inspirational teams. Our client’s expectations are reaching new heights and sometimes the balayage technique of a more natural blend is not enough. They want that clean, white platinum look.

Which is where foil comes in.

Our research has brought on an alternative way of thinking about foil placement. Yes, we can still pack ‘em in, do baby lights or the regular T. section, half head or full head but now we can create that root shadow with face-framing and with a pale blonde colour. With foils, Yes foils….


So what we are saying is just because a new technique reveals itself and has longevity, don’t forget about those foundations, those old school hard and fast techniques. Let’s think about them differently and create your bespoke technique that your brand can shout about.

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