Tools for the Job

Hey Chaulk Lovers,

Do you have the right tools for each individual colour technique?

As colourists, we have always been given our brushes, bowls and tools by the brand we use. However has it ever crossed your mind that there might be better tools?

This is something we absolutely love about being brand-neutral, we get to choose.

It was quite a few years ago when I started to experiment with other brands’ brushes, at the time I was a L’Oreal guru, I had L’Oreal painted through me like a stick of rock. Then I moved salons and discovered a whole new version of tint brushes. Oh, my goodness it blew my mind, why had I stuck with these ordinary brushes for so long when I could have been using something that changes the way I work AND helps me to work faster/more precisely/with more coverage AND they lasted so much longer!!

These tools bring out our unique personality in the way we work, getting the right tool for the right job can make all the difference.

So next time you want your work to stand out, think about the tool you are using. Do they work best for you, do they really show your worth?

Here’s a few of our recommendations:

For saturation and highlighting Prism Pot Brushes’ bowls are great too, they have an area on the bowl that you can write on (they even give you a pen)

For freehand Balayage Denman Jack Howard balayage kit. There are a choice of a few different size brushes for good surface coverage, detail and sweep. It also contains a balayage board.

Framar have a large selection of brushes our favourite for balayage is the large paintbrush.

FoilMe have collaborated with Sheree Knobel and has created some wonderful brushes which are named for each specific technique. We actually love to use them all for freehand as well as what they are prescribed for.

Have you tried any new foils recently? There are so many to choose from now, Pro-care were are favourite for so long but now we relish all the new designs and sizes that are around.

Pro-care does win hands down (in our opinion) with the 24/7 machine, especially if you haven’t time to pull the foils (Remember the good old days when we were assistants?)

Although we can’t help but be tempted to try out a new design from Foil Luxe, Foil MeFoils, Foil Squad or Foils and Stuff or even a new size from Foil Boss. These new pre-cut boxed foils are great for the freelancer, home salon or educator wanting to travel.

Big Love