Chaulk Mentor

Assistants, Apprentice, Junior….

Which one do you relate to?

For us, gone are the days of the term junior, or so we hope.

We were invited to a group chat last week. We talked about our time as a Junior(as that’s what we were called way back when), We can laugh about it now, however, some days were hard.

For us, these people are our right (or left) hand. We can’t do anything without an assistant, these people are the backbone of our business and need to be celebrated more.

One big question in this chat was, do we show that we appreciate them and do they get enough attention from us to provide them with the skills to become the best hairdresser?


Is it that we don’t really have the time (or money) to take a large earner off the salon floor to give these new learners, our new bright stars, the time and energy that they deserve when it comes to learning the skills?

How many of us want to work late after a full-on day the teach? And do we even have the skills to do this?

And this college that they frequent, well does it cut the mustard?

This is a massive question we have been asking a lot in recent years. Are our young bright things able to learn what they need to? -Especially now, after a global pandemic and most salons are trying to keep their head above the business waters.

So we launched Chaulk Mentor.

Is the NVQ (NOS) failing our new learners, Do they find themselves with morequestions once attending the local college, Are they really learning the mostup to date modern techniques and is the science involved to a level that willfill them with confidence?

We believe not, well not in all cases.

This program will run alongside the NVQ teachings but will give more insight intothings that aren’t covered in enough detail, like hair science, hair texture oreven perming the hair.

This program is highly interactive with many live chats, demos and guest speakerseach month, plus modules that include lessons that span out over a year. Theselessons include workbooks and interactive work that is submitted to us andshared with you.

There’s many chances to win giveaways and goodies and we will build a community oflike- minded learners for more support.

The launch of our Apprentice Mentor Program is fast approaching 😃 and we are super excited…

Have you signed up yet?

Launch 18/10/21

Investment £47 per month

Checkout our apprenticeship page and click to find out more

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