Do You Fit the Box?

Hey Chaulk Lovers,

Do you fit into the box?

That’s the question and does it matter either way if you do not? 

We have both been in the industry for an accumulated 50-plus years and have witnessed our fair share of those that do and those that don’t. There will always be those around us who are at all the industry awards ceremonies, hair shows you name it, living the hair life dream and doing what they need to do to make it to the ‘top’ of our industry. But what signifies the ‘top’ for someone else may seem like your idea of hell!

I was never a huge fan of hair industry events. Let’s take Salon International as an example, most of the time I would be working the entire weekend, slogging it out on shows or behind the scenes. I used to find the whole thing exhausting, don’t get me wrong there were bits I loved, like seeing the BHA collections and bumping into old colleagues. Even catching up for drinks until late in the evening together, there is always a story to tell after a weekend at Salon International.  However, I used to find the event itself pretty average.

Do we have to keep up with the Joneses to make it Big in our hair world?

Do we have to be fellowship members and have been to the BHA’S or Creative Head Awards? 

Does this all matter?

We don’t think so, let’s all be true to ourselves. 

If it’s what makes you smile, what drives you and what makes you happy then we salute you. We admire you for following your dream and owning it. Likewise, if this is not for you, we are all very lucky that our industry offers a wide spectrum of opportunities in all directions. The important thing is to just be yourself.

It’s your way.

Big Love

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